Christmas Three 2016 | Support The Embassy of Republic Indonesia for Philippine


PT Sinar Djaja Can express their responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. We come to our decision to conduct our Corporate Social Responsibility with a full support for our community which have a tremendous program for their waste and pollution reduction processes, such as this recycling metal food containers Christmas tree who has made by the young fellow at Gereja Katholik Roh Kudus - Surabaya.

Instead of making these un-used cans into a scrap/waste, PT Sinar Djaja Can agree to give these cans to the young fellow at Gereja Katholik Roh Kudus - Surabaya for them to create a wonderful recycled Christmas tree, as you can picturing below.

It is good to recycling some tin can waste because it uses 95% less energy than manufacturing it from a new materials, it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions thus it can decreases environmental damage caused by mining and minimize land and water pollution.

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