Our Production Process

The complete integration of metal containers production processes

Coil Cutting

The starting materials, multi-ton prime tin coils, are first cut into efficient size of tinplate sheets and shapes.


The tinplate sheets are decorated (outside) for appearance and lacquered / varnished (inside and outside) for protection.


The printed tinplate sheets are further cut into can-width strips or component strips to ease the next process.


The component strips are drawn into components and the perimeter edge is coated with sealing compound to ensure leakage-free.


Form the strips into can's body, weld the can's side body together, cover the inside and outside of welded side seams with side strips, flare the end edge, seam the component to the body of the can, pack and palletize the finished can.

Easy Open End

Easy to open and fully processable lithography available.
End customers can now enjoy their favorite canned foods and beverages in much more convenient and hygienic than before. We are producing steel easy open ends using the latest conversion press lines as well as in line and off-line inspection systems.

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